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You’re wrong; Influence Marketing is not just a trend

The power of influence marketing is undeniable. Even established brands such as HP, Lenovo, and Intel seek help from the likes of

Despite big brands showing admiration for this strategy, a handful of marketers still doubt it. Is influencer marketing just a trend that will die any time soon? Or will it be a sustainable marketing strategy in the coming years?

Influencer Marketing has been around for some time now.

One might raise an eyebrow at influencer marketing. They often regard it as a fad. Well, sure, it just started gaining momentum sometime in 2017. Yet, according to The Power of Voice – The Art & Science of Influencer Marketing, the principles that make influence marketing work has existed for more than a decade.

The principle that makes influence marketing work

According to Malcolm Gladwell in 2000, three archetypes help make an idea viral—the Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen. Today, we can see these archetypes’ counterparts in the digital space—the Creators, Critics, and Collectors.

Like the Connectors, Creators bring their audiences together through their exceptional content. Like the problem-solving Mavens, Critics fulfil people’s need for conversation and engagement online. Finally, like the charming Salesmen, Collectors curate content that builds rapport with their target audiences. This causes them to be relevant, which makes influencing the latter easier.

Several marketers who knew about this principle are successful today. Tom Augenthaler of, for instance, has been helping his clients using the marketing model since 2007. Since then, he has worked as a consultant for businesses who want to hire influencers for their marketing campaigns.

Fast forward to this day, as you can see here, he has worked with numerous giants such as TIME magazine, Intel, HP, Adobe, Lenovo, and many more.

Besides Tom, pioneering digital marketers who advocated for influence marketing have reaped the rewards today. If you want those rewards, get in touch with Tom through his website now.

The magic behind influence marketing

We now know that influence marketing has been around for long. It’s safe to say that it’s not just a trend.

Now, it’s time to talk about the real magic sauce behind it.

Its real magic lies in its ability to move ideas uniquely. Ideas, when spread through the right channel and people, will make a bigger impact.

Since influencers talk about real issues that matter to your brand, the approach is more personal and direct. They will publish content—videos, blog posts, or podcasts. Your customers will then interact with this content through their social media channels.

There is no big spectacle—just a person (the influencer) talking to a person (your customers). As you can see, the exchange of ideas is more authentic—this is the real magic behind influence marketing.

Moreover, plenty of brands still generate in-your-face ads to catch their customers’ attention. That is why hiring influencers will be a breath of fresh air. You may pay them, but the approach is still more organic than ads.

Curious about how to use influence marketing for small businesses like yours? Read more about how influence marketing helps brands like HP take the digital world by storm.

Final thoughts

You see, influencer marketing is not just a trend. If you work with them the right way, bigger rewards will be waiting for you on the horizon.

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Bank and Law Firm Online Marketing that Gets Results

Many banks and law firms find it a bit challenging to compete in the world of digital marketing. As a result, many of them recline to the traditional marketing channels. However, that is a dwindling marketplace as many of the consumers are currently in the digital space. That is where all the conversations about services, products and brands is taking place. The days of the print ads and the Yellow pages are long gone and bank marketing along with law firm marketing is slowly shifting into the online sphere.

More banks and law firms are now embracing or tiptoeing into the world of SEO and social media marketing but while it is a world that is fraught with many risks, it also presents lots of incredible opportunities to tap into an untapped market and gain a competitive edge over rivals. Bank marketing has already taken off to a good start as many banks are now embracing an online marketing as more of their services go online.

Part of this is due to a generation shift. Many of the bank and law firm customers are younger generation or the millennial generation and they are online on sites such as Facebook and Twitter and also search for products and services online. Those banks and law firms that fail to capitalize on this online generation are losing ground quickly to those that do. The traditional marketing channels are still useful, albeit marginally. The main pie is in the online marketing. A lot of bank online marketing today for the banks that have embraced digital marketing make use of the traditional channels only as an integral part of their overall marketing strategy and not as the main marketing strategy.

Today, a lot of bank marketing for the forward looking banks are primarily driven by online marketing. Even as many banks and law firms go online, one of the main challenges that they are grappling with is how to effectively reach their target market and generate maximum ROI from their marketing efforts. There are effective ways in which this can be done.

Get Yourself Equipped for Digital Marketing Success

To be effective in law firm digital marketing or bank marketing, it is important to have a roadmap and the digital marketing infrastructure that will help you yield success. Lawyers, for example, are generally too busy with the legal processes and cases that they rarely have time to network online and build a digital presence or they may not even have the skills. It is prudent for them to hire a digital marketing specialist with experience in niche marketing to assist them in building a digital marketing infrastructure and exploiting all the available channels in order to maximize reach and generate business leads. Check at Cohlab

Setting up a digital infrastructure for bank marketing or law firm marketing will require a comprehensive understanding of organic search, keyword research, PPC marketing, search engine algorithms and algorithm updates, linkbuilding, social media marketing amongst many other finer details. A professional bank marketing or law firm marketing specialist can breathe a fresh lease of life or energy into your digital marketing in order to help you unlock its full potential. For more details, just visit


Enhance Your Online Business with Professional Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services have become very popular these days. With the rapid proliferation of web-based marketing, more and more organizations are going online with their products and services. Digital marketing is not just developing a website and hosting it successfully in the virtual world. Competition in this form of product selling or providing services is increasing too. As far as digital marketing is concerned, a professional service provider offers multiple services, which are equally important for creating a greater market niche well ahead of competitors. Along with services of expert SEO Brainerd MN has today, they also offer other digital marketing tools in the area.

SEO Brainerd MN

Services Provided

Here are some important services they offer for online businesses:

  • Web Design: Experts in web design St Cloud MN market has today offer affordable and reliable services.  Latest innovations in this field, including responsive website designing, are professionally undertaken by professionals. Companies that offer web design St Cloud market has today also offer development services so their clients have access to all digital marketing tools under one roof.
  • SEO: This is one of the most popular services provided by these companies nowadays. Experts in SEO Brainerd MN companies have today are the best in the business, especially when it comes to organic SEO and local SEO works. Though organic SEO is free, meaning you need not incur any expenses when advertising on search engines, successful organic SEO work is one of the toughest jobs in digital marketing. Amidst a large number of companies present in the similar business, getting a top position on a search engine requires a lot of knowledge and dedication in the service. This is why it is important to sign up with the experts in SEO Brainerd MN market has today, as they have the relevant experience in the field.
  • Inbound Marketing Services: It’s actually a combination of different types of Internet-based marketing processes like SEO, E-mail marketing, Social media marketing, Video marketing and content marketing. These tools are highly effective for mass awareness when utilized professionally. Inbound marketing services are more effective and less expensive than conventional marketing such as on TV or in print media.
  • Mobile Website Designing: With the rapid increase in smartphones and tablet users over the last few years, business houses have understood the necessity of developing mobile compatible websites. These digital service providers develop such websites very efficiently.
  • Search Engine Marketing: This marketing service is essential for newly launched websites. Search Engine marketing or pay per click is a kind of pay service where the website gets noticed on the top of the pages on a search engine.

Also, the service providers of web design St Cloud Minnesota market has today offer highly professional services. Their other important services include digital marketing survey, WordPress maintenance, web video based sales promotion, etc.

Apart from a wide range of services, these service providers have proven over the years that digital marketing is much cheaper and more effective than conventional marketing. Their experience in dealing with wide varieties of customers and successful track record have been enlarging their client list almost every day.


5 Characteristics that Make Every Website Great and Effective

The rate at which people are visiting websites today is exciting and this has become a plus especially to business people. While some people visit these websites to socialize with others, most of them will go to look for information about a product or service they need. For this reason, most business people market their services and products through interconnected platforms such as websites that use internet. If you have not yet created a website where you could market your business, give it a shot and see the benefits that come with it. All you need to do is to hire competent web designers from a reliable company to create a website where you could easily interact with your clients and serve them efficiently and safely. A good website should:

web designer

Contain fresh and original content

Content is the greatest determiner of the quality of your website. If the content you post on your website is of poor quality and duplicated, you could greatly lose trust with your regular visitors. If you want to increase the usability of your website, you should always post updated and relevant content. Designers from a Raleigh seo company normally guide website hosts on the quality of content they should post to make information about their products and services accessible and fulfilling.

Have easy navigation and be friendly to users

Most people visit different websites when looking for particular information before they make their final decision on various products and services. If the visitors find the content in your website relevant to the things they are looking for, they make that website their trusted online platform. In case you have posted much content in your website, ask the designers to create search boxes that your visitors can use for quick search of what they want. Great designers who provide professional SEO services make page to page navigation consistent in your website and this eliminates confusion that visitors face when loading.

Load speedily

Any website that takes minutes to load a page may not win trust of most clients or visitors today. Most people visit the websites as they do something else that still requires their attention. For this reason, they would like to visit websites that load pages within a few seconds and get the information they want. According to the skilled designers from any Raleigh search engine optimization company, computer user’s capability, traffic volume, server speed, amount of graphics and coding can affect the loading speed of your website.

Be compatible with different browsers

The designers you hire should have enough knowledge on how browsers function and make the website compatible with them. Ensure the designers create you a website that will work effectively with new version browsers like Internet explorer, Opera, Safari, Google chrome and Firefox among others. Moreover, the web designers you hire should make loading experiences with these browsers consistent.

Have a good tracking system

Look for web designers who professionally integrate proper tracking systems to the web. If the designers integrate tracking tools such as Google Analytics to your website, it will be easy to track clients who visited it. Moreover, the tracking system would help you know the keywords the visitors used, where the visitors came from, different pages the visitors viewed and those who left before they exhausted all the pages.