Installing a New Air Conditioner in Brisbane for Your Business? Know These Rules First

When the sun is high, commercial air conditioning Brisbane units are your best friend. After all, you don’t want your guests or employees soaking in sweat.

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Note, however, you will likely need many of these throughout the building. Some of them may be bulky ones.

To ensure you follow the state guidelines and get the best value from your A/Cs, remember these rules:

1. Choose the Right Size and Power of the Air Conditioner

A/Cs can differ in wattage or power, depending on the size of the space. To know how much BTUs (British thermal units) you need, do some math.

Multiply the length and width of the area. Then you can multiply that number to 25 BTU. This isn’t the exact number but gives you a nice estimate.

In Australia, the average wattage is at least 120 per square metre of the area. If you have a big space, such as a conference hall or a restaurant, divide the watts to the maximum watts of the air conditioner you wish to own. That will give you the number of units to buy.

Note: Even if a single A/C can already cool the room, some factors may compel you to buy more. One of these is occupancy. The more people are inside, the less cool the air feels like. A commercial air conditioning Brisbane South expert can help you decide. Click here Sun City Air Conditioning

2. Pick the Ideal Type of Air Conditioner

The market has at least six to eight different types of air-conditioning units. Some of these include:

  • Ductless, which is easier to install and cheaper to add and maintain
  • Split type, which cools differently across “zones” or sections of the room or building
  • Central air conditioning, which cools multiple rooms at the same time
  • PTAC or package air terminal air conditioners, which can also function as heaters
  • Window type, which is a unitary system, so all parts are inside

Each of these has its pros and cons. For instance, central air-conditioning is better than window if you want to cool many sections of the office. The downside is it’s expensive.

Discuss with your commercial air conditioning Brisbane Northside or South technician which one is ideal for your needs and budget.

3. Follow the Energy-Efficient Code

Another factor to consider when buying commercial air conditioning Brisbane units is energy efficiency. Queensland imposes a minimum energy-efficient ratio (EER) for many types of A/Cs such as window and wall-box systems.

The EER among commercial establishments can vary depending on their building’s purpose and when the government tested the models. For window-box A/Cs that generate around 10 kilowatts, the annual EER is 3.10. That is if they underwent testing after 1 April 2012.

Commercial air conditioning repairs Brisbane team may be able to replace old or defective units. These, however, should still meet the minimum EER requirements.

Shopping for commercial air conditioning Brisbane models should be less about cost and more about value. In other words, buy the best one you can afford. When you need help, you have professional A/C experts like Sun City Air who can guide you.