Revealed: Secrets to Great Business Writing Skills

With the increasing globalization and reliance on the internet and computers, personal and face-to-face communication has become limited both socially and in the corporate world. More than ever, it is important to be proficient in the business written communication as it forms the bulk of all business-to-business communications. Taking a business writing training course is one-step to becoming proficient in written communication and expressing your ideas professionally.

Important concepts in good writing

Your communication is only as effective as how you deliver or “say it”. Your main goal in writing is to get your audience to understand as clearly as possible what you are saying and take the necessary action. Certain fundamental concepts must be followed to be successful. These include:

Focus On the Audience

Good understanding of the recipient of the message makes it easier to pass on information. It is important to understand what the audience already knows about the message and only say what they do not know. Use of technical jargons to unskilled people renders the message unclear.

Tone of communication

There is a high risk of misunderstanding if the wrong tone of expression is used. A casual tone in a serious business communication may make the recipient to handle the matter lightly and cause things to go wrong and is seen to lack professionalism. Similarly, too formal may cause wrong perceptions. It is crucial to make messages personable, respectful and sincere to everybody.

Hidden Bottom Line

This is the essence of your message. According to research, most people skim through the message to get to know what is required of them without reading the entire message. Sending a message to very busy people may require you get right to the point early on to get the required actions. During planning, the most crucial part should be stated in around two lines, and stated early on in the message.


Everybody is busy in one or another task. Very long messages and use of unnecessary words is a major turn off and can be deemed a waste of time by the recipient. Sentence and paragraph streamlining is an important skill in business written communication. Phrases that can be expressed in a single word should be used.

Grammatical and spelling errors

Poor grammar and formatting depict you as lazy and incompetent at all times. Even with the tightest deadline, it is vital to proofread and correct all errors before sending out the written message.

Business writing training gives people in every organization the competitive edge, promotes efficiency and productivity.  Staff must communicate well for better business performance.

Organizational benefit from business writing training

Businesses stand to gain from this form of staff training as it enhances productivity through time-saving achieved from easier communication and readability. Clear external communication translates to better business opportunities and organizational performance.

New Horizons training center in Australia is one of the best business writing trainers globally where you get to perfect your written communication skills and lead a successful career.

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